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Space decor and tapestries?

The other day I was scrolling through Tumblr in a brain dead state, when I realised a lot of space themed stuff. Are the early 2000's making a come back? Perhaps it's just coincedence but I think I'm starting to see a growing trend towards space and galaxy themed decor. 

If this is the case I'm super excited. There is so much boho hippie style stuff around now which is great but I'm getting kind of sick of it. I would love to see a return to the retro space themes we once saw dominating our friends bedrooms! Ofcourse one of the best ways to get instant impact is with a space tapestry. The page I linked is from Top tapestries again, it has loads of cool space themed wall tapestries and stuff.

What do you think? Are space themes beginning to make a come back or is it just coincedence? Personally I think I might get myself some space decor. A tapestry would be a great start but I would love to go all out and get some ornaments and cool little space things to place around my room. My curtains are actually space themed now that I think about it! I haven't changed them for years which is kinda bad but hey, they're hip as f***.

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Pineapple decor!

What is it about pineapples that makes them so popular? Everywhere I go at the minute pineapples have become a craze. It's not just the fruit, in fact it's mainly other things like fashion and decor. I've dedicated this post to my ramblings on pineapples and why I think they are so popular.

Pineapples are different from other fruit. They are probably the most wacky, crazy looking fruit around and I think this contributes to their popularity. My friend got a pineapple tapestry the other day and wondered what on earth drove them to the decision. But once I saw the tapestry I begun to understood. It's something to do with their funky, quirky and hip charm. They really do look magnifecent with their crazy ass hair cuts and spiky skin. The tapestry below is the one my friend got, it does look really awesome when you see it in person! At first it looks weird and dumb but once you see it in real life you start to understand. 

I think the bohemian hippie craze that's all over the place also contributes to the pineapple popularity. Pineapples are a health food and the boho crowd really seem to love them, I think this is a big factor. Whatever the reason, it looks like the craze is here to stay and why not? I'm starting to slowly get swept away with it!

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Elephant Wall Tapestry

I decided the other day that it was time to get myself an elephant tapestry. Elephants are marvellous creatures and look very cool when they are on a tapestry. They give off a real sense of power and authority yet somehow a peaceful, gentle vibe at the same time. The cool part about getting an elephant tapestry was that I don't really have any animal tapestries as it stands. This one looks fantastic in the bedroom along with other indian decorations which really highlight the wall hanging. I just wish I had ordered one which was slightly smaller because it is really quite big and doesn't fit as I hoped. This doesn't matter though and it will ofcourse make the perfect rug for when we go outdoors on picnics and things. 

elephant tapestry

The tapestry has really fantastic contrast between the black and white and the hot yellow and orange colours. It makes the room feel very warm, inviting and just pleasant overall. The patterns on the elephant also look fantastic. They are incredibly intricate and well drawn which was a huge deciding factor in me getting the tapestry. 

If your looking for a similar tapestry, here's a great collection of elephant wall tapestries. Theres all different types that have been gathered together too choose from. It's a really great list that has had time put into it so give it a visit!

Overall I'm delighted with my new tapestry and I look forward to getting more decorations and items to help compliment it. I may get another elephant tapestry which isn't quite so big but we shall see! My next plan is to start doing a frog or turtle theme (haven't decided) and get some nice shades of green and blue mixed in for some seriously cool vibes. Even tough boho mandalas are insanely popular, animal tapestries and wall hangings are definitley my favourite. 

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Gorgeous Mandala

Check out this really beautiful mandala I found over at I absolutely love the different shades of blue and turquoise, they contrast fantastically on the white background. While most mandalas seem to be dark blue, purple or a red kind of colour, this one is more of an ocean blue which I really love. You don't see many mandalas in this particular colour scheme, it would look amazing in a blue bedroom with some blue lightning nearby. For the full blown effect add in some blue crystals and bedding and you have a gorgeous ocean type vibe. 

I also really like the mandala pattern that's been used. It looks very bold, defined and prominent. The flower pattern is really clear in the middle. I prefer the mandalas which have a clearly defined flower rather than the random sort of patterns you sometimes get. It gives it that extra bohemian feel and really helps it to stand out.

If you're looking to get a mandala this one is a cracker. It's only $11.85 which is a great price. You can use it for your outings, as a bedspread or just as a good old wall tapestry!

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Trippy Wall Tapestries

There is a massive hippie and bohemian craze going on at the minute. The mandala and trippy tapestries are seeing a ridiculous surge in popularity as it seems like everyone on Tumblr is getting a wall hanging. There are some really trippy wall hangings available at Etsy. There are some gorgeous designs but some of them are quite expensive. I also found it hard to find a precise list until I found these trippy wall tapestries. There is a great collection on the site with lots of different types to choose from. If you are going for a psychedelic hippie theme in your bedroom then you should head over and have a look.

If you decide to go down this route put some other trippy hippie things near the tapestry like gems and incense. This will make a real 60's hippie vibe which is a wonderful thing! When your friends come over it will be the perfect party piece and make it that bit more awesome. 

Hippie themes work fantatsically well in the summer. You can take your trippy wall tapestry out as a picnic blanket to the beach, park or wherever it is you want to go. This add to the positive mood and make your picnic super awesome.

If you want to try make your own super awesome tie dye tapestry you can check out this video below. It's actually fairly easy and the best part is you get a totally unique colour pattern that no one else will have. This is such a cool way to make yourself a tapestry and will really impress your hippie friends!

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